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CONCEPT LASER 3D Laser Printer
Type:M2 cusing
Laser wattage:400w
Laser type:Diode pumped yb-fiber
3-axis scan system:Scanlab rtc 5
Scanlab scan head type:Intelliscan 20
Spot velocity, max meters per second:6 m/s
Build envelope capacity:250x250x350mm
Layer thickness:20-80 microns
Production speed:2-20 cm per hour
Focus diameter:50-500 microns
Recoater speed:399 mm per second
Z-axis speed:1000 mm per second
Operating conditions (celsius):18-25 degrees
Positioning accuracy 280 mm:+/-0,1 microns
Repeat accuracy:+/-3-5 microns
Smallest step:+/-1 micron
Machine size:2692 mm x 1818 mm x 2184 mm
Machine weight:2595 kg

Lifter details:
Max. Load:135kg
Charging time:8-10hr



Please Note: The above information has been obtained to the best of our ability and belief, and from the manufacturers where possible. It is given in good faith, but its accuracy can not be guaranteed. Accordingly, it will not form a representation or constitute contractual terms. We advise you to check any vital details!

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