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FANUC A06B-6088-H215#H500 Spindle Amplifier Module SPM-15 is used with
alpha spindle motors Alpha12, AlphaP15, and AlphaP18


FANUC A06B-6079-H104 Alpha Servo Module SVM1-40L amplifier is part of
the A06B-6079 product series and is typically fitted with model Alpha
3/3000 and Alpha 6 motors.


FANUC A06B-6079-H206 Servo Amplifier Module is a dual axis Alpha
Servo Drive Model SVM2-40/40. As part of the A06B-6079 series of AC Servo
Drives, the FANUC A06B-6079-H206 is Type A interface and fitted on small
to medium size CNC machines for 0M, OT, 15, 16, 18, and 21 series controls.


FANUC A06B-6078-H211#H500 Alpha Spindle Amplifier Module SPM-11 is used
with spindle motors Alpha6, Alpha8, AlphaP8, and AlphaP12.


FANUC A06B-6087-H126 Alpha Power Supply Module PSM-26 is used to power
a number of FANUC servo motors and spindle motors. As part of the A06B-6087
generation of Alpha power supplies, the FANUC A06B-6087-H126 Alpha Power
Supply Module can power FANUC 0MD, OTD, and 18iMB control systems.


FANUC A16B-1211-0901


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